Chatham Area Shag Association

The Chatham Area Shag Association, Inc. is a non profit social club.  Our
objective is to preserve and promote the dance named the “Shag.”  In
preserving and promoting the dance we also strive to promote and
preserve shag and beach music.

Shag Lessons

Come out and learn to shag. No partner needed!
June’s Tips!
Men – Leading your lady
through a turn is a big
responsibility and will make
you a highly sought out
dancer if you can do it well.
So, lead her straight
through her slot as you go
around her to get to the
other side.
Ladies – While the man
has the responsibility to let
you know where he wants
you in a turn, you can help
make the turn a success if
you follow your right hand
keeping your body centered
according to that hand
Classes are currently being held at the Eastern
Chatham Senior Center at 365 Hwy 87 N
Pittsboro. If you need more specific directions
call June at 919-545-1757 or Bob Campbell at
Every Monday.
First Monday of each month
starts a new series of lessons.
7:00pm – Beginners
8:00pm – Intermediate
9:00pm – Advanced
June Arthurs
Larry Patterson
$30 for four lessons.
If there is a 5th Monday the lessons that
Monday are free – compliments of the instructors!!
A free 30-minute lesson is given between 6:30pm
and 7:00pm on the first Monday of each month.
For more information on shag lessons please send an email to:

Visit Us

PO Box 1489
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Open Hours

M-F: 8am – 6pm

S & S: closed