Chatham Area Shag Association

The Chatham Area Shag Association, Inc. is a non profit social club.  Our
objective is to preserve and promote the dance named the “Shag.”  In
preserving and promoting the dance we also strive to promote and
preserve shag and beach music.

Shag Etiquette

  • It’s okay for women to ask men to dance just as it is for
    men to ask women to dance
  • Typically it’s good form to accept an invitation to dance,
    but if you don’t want to dance say so politely
  • If someone turns you down, accept it graciously and ask
    someone else to dance.
  • Lead your partner to the dance floor by the hand and be
    sure to thank them at the end of the dance
  • Keep your opinions about your partner’s dancing to
    yourself.  It is not good form to offer instruction to
    someone in a social dance setting.  It could be that you are
    not doing the step correctly.  If someone does ask for
    help, take them away from the other dancers.
  • If you are in a dance class, let the instructor teach.  The
    instructor will ask for help if needed.
  • Establish a slot and continue to dance in it.  Usually the
    first couple on the dance floor will establish the slot.
  • Dance small.  Don’t dance all over the floor.
  • Leaders are responsible for looking out for the safety of
    their partners.  Keep them out of danger.  Be aware of the
    dancers around you.
  • Bumping into other dancers is inevitable.  Always apologize
    even if it is not your fault.  Make sure no one is hurt.
  • If you are leading someone with fewer skills, dance to
    their level.  Don’t showboat.
  • If you must give verbal leads do so quietly so only your
    partner hears you.
  • If you are not dancing, stay off the dance floor.  Move off
    the floor to carry on a conversation.
  • Pay attention to the beat of the music.  Being able to count
    does not mean you are on beat.  

Visit Us

PO Box 1489
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Open Hours

M-F: 8am – 6pm

S & S: closed