Chatham Area Shag Association

The Chatham Area Shag Association, Inc. is a non profit social club.  Our
objective is to preserve and promote the dance named the “Shag.”  In
preserving and promoting the dance we also strive to promote and
preserve shag and beach music.

Shag License Plates


The Great State of North Carolina has now made it official: the
Shag is North Carolina’s “Most Popular Dance” and to show
everybody how proud you are to be a shagger, you can display your
new North Carolina D.M.V. “SHAG TAG”. Your license plate logo
tells everyone that “I’d rather be shaggin”.  To order your special
plate just go to and follow the
instructions for “
Personalized and Specialized Plates”.  

  • An annual special fee of $15 is charged in addition to your regular
    license fee.
  • $5.00 of the special fee is returned to the Hall of Fame Foundation.
  • Plates carry a required prefix of “SG”.
  • Plates may be personalized with up to four characters in addition to
  • A yearly personalized license fee of $30 is charged in addition to
    special plate and regular license fees.

Visit Us

PO Box 1489
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Open Hours

M-F: 8am – 6pm

S & S: closed